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We Now offer Localized Cryotherapy!

Is that Shoulder grinding? Does your knee throb when its going to rain? Come try out our NEW Localized Cryotherapy, with 4 different programs and 25 focused areas and over a 100 benefits, we can assure there is a program for you!

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Localized Cryotherapy

  •  Targets specific muscles and joints  that are injured or inflamed with sub-zero temperature. Cryotherapy heals by constricting the blood vessels and delivering oxygen-rich blood to the injured areas, thus decreasing inflammation and pain. 
  •  Reduces stress, promotes deep restful sleep, helps recovery from jet lag, and increases overall energy 
  •  The immune system increases the white blood cell count causing reduced inflammation and a positive, powerful immune system response. 


  • For athletes, a cryotherapy session can help improve your training results before a workout , by decreasing your recovery time, also gets you back in the gym sooner after a tough workout. 
  •  Increases in blood flow also leads to the release of endorphins which are the hormones which improve our mood and combat depression. 
  •  Women are using Cryotherapy as skin rejuvenation and anti-aging treatments. Experts have concluded that Cryotherapy improves overall skin condition by boosting collagen production. 
  •  Spending just 3 minutes in the Cryotherapy chamber speeds up your metabolism and can burn up to 800 calories 

BENEFITS OF CRYOTHERAPY (Wholebody and Localized)


  • painful, swollen joints – ankles, shoulders, feet, elbows, knees, and necks
  • lower or upper back pain
  • collagen production – this can be used on the face for skin rejuvenation
  • cellulite – this treatment can also treat those stubborn areas
  • headaches – some have found relief from chronic headaches
  •  Cryotherapy technology was first introduced in Japan in 1978 and soon after people in the medical field grew interest in how this technology works. Since then, studies have been affirming the countless benefits Cryotherapy has on the body. Now it has become one of the latest trends for skin care, weight loss, sports performance, and rehabilitation. 

  • Whole Body Cryotherapy provides an overall beneficial healing effect, and is great for treating fatigue, muscle soreness, systemic inflammation and more.
  • Localized Cryotherapy zeros in on specific trouble spots. Unlike WBC which treats your entire body in a cryochamber, localized cryo uses a hand-held wand that directs a steady stream of nitrogen gas to a specific treatment area.
  • Cryotherapy is used for various conditions
    • Chronic Medical Conditions
    • Temperature Stress
    • Decreases Inflammation
    • Increase Performance Levels
    • Increased Metabolism
    • Reduction of Chronic Pain and Fatigue
    • Boosts Happiness and Collagen
  • The Benefits are everlasting to ensure you feel great!


Spa Services

Restore Your Body

Our Therapist listen to your needs and employ the proper techniques to deliver a truly therapeutic experience. 

Massage therapists treat clients by using touch to manipulate the muscles and other soft tissues of the body. With their touch, therapists relieve pain, help heal injuries, improve circulation, relieve stress, increase relaxation, and aid in the general wellness of clients.

Wellness Services

Combining the old with the new, adds a depth of authenticity when it comes to wellness spa experiences.

We have adopted a natural, holistic approach to providing our clients with a natural treatment that will compliment the medical treatments they are currently undergoing. Helping with the prevention of, and supportive care for chronic issues. 

Fitness Services

Suitable for all levels. Our Fitness Classes are designed to help you get your body into a natural healthy state. Our instructors are taught to help you with form, and proper breathing techniques. Emphasis is placed on core strength, flexibility and balance as well as concentration and breath control. 

Coming Soon Services

These are the modalities that will be coming in the near future. What for them to be added to the service area soon. Have questions about these new modalities, please call to find out more.

Spa / Wellness Packages

For the complete spa experience, we suggest combining several treatments. 

Those who come for an hour or two leave relaxed and happy, but those who stay for 3 hours or longer are often transformed.

Check out our combined treatments or build your own package.

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